Daily Bookmarks 04/08/2007

Logic+Emotion: The End of Thought Leadership (As We Know It)  Annotated

  • Illustrates the difference between how ideas gain momentum and approval in the round and flat worlds.
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Quote: In the conversation economy, dialogue rules.

innovation Creators » My Blog Got Me a New Job

  • Author’s story about how his new job found him through his blog, and why hiring a blogger is less risky to a potential employer because the you know more about the blogger.
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Education Week: Let’s Abolish High School  Annotated

  • Challenging the idea of compulsory high school education based on a number of reasons.  Briefly examines the history of mandatory education and argues that education designed to prepare students for assembly line jobs is no longer relevant.
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Quote: As the brilliant German educator Kurt Hahn (the founder of Outward Bound) said, teaching people who are aren’t ready is like “pouring and pouring into a jug and never looking to see whether the lid is off.”…People have radically different learning styles and abilities, and effective learning—learning that benefits all students—is necessarily individualized and self-paced. This is the elephant in the classroom from which no teacher can hide…In today’s fast-paced world, education needs to be spread out over a lifetime, and the main thing we need to teach our young people is to love the process of learning….Finally, whereas that first compulsory-education law in Massachusetts was competency-based, the system that grew in its wake requires all young people to attend school, no matter what they know. Even worse, the system provides no incentives for students to master material quickly, and few or no meaningful options for young people who do leave school.

The Blog of Clark Aldrich: Case Study: Executives in Class – From “Recalling” To “Applying” New Knowledge

  • Case study results from organizational behavior courses comparing e-learning simulation with traditional coursework.
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The Blog of Clark Aldrich: Case Study: Fortune 100 Company: An Extra Day Every Week of Work

  • Case study with very successful results of leadership training through simulation
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