Daily Bookmarks 11/24/2007

eLearn: So You Want to Be an E-learning Consultant…

  • Harold Jarche’s advice for becoming an e-learning consultant, including different areas where you can focus and suggested hourly rates for each.
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EIU/SIUE Teaching With Primary Sources Newsletter

  • Regularly published newsletter with ideas for teaching with primary sources. Includes a spotlight on central Illinois resources, topic connections to the American Memory, tips, and lesson plans.
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Exploring Primary Sources

  • Directory of primary source resources from a number of locations, geared towards K-12 educators
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The Galileo Project | Science | Susnpot Drawings

  • Galileo’s sunspot drawings, showing the movement of the spots across the sun. Information is available on another page (one level up) about how Galileo made his observations.
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Teacher Lesson Plan – Twain’s Hannibal

  • Series of lessons related to Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn, specifically looking at Hannibal, MO at the time Twain lived there and how that environment influenced his writing.
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AAME : Raw History Lesson Plan: Using Primary Sources; The Domestic Slave Trade, Runaway Journeys

  • Lesson plan about slavery using primary sources
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Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Telecommuting Lowers Job Stress, Especially For Women

  • Interesting article about the benefits of telecommuting. Telecommuting lowers stress, especially for women. More women received higher performance ratings and better career prospects with telecommuting, contrary to common perception.
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