Visualize concepts of blogs and wikis?

I’m a bit stuck on a course I’m developing and thought I’d throw this out there to see if anyone else has any good ideas. This is a fully online course is to teach K-12 teachers how to use read/write web tools. I am trying to have a related image on just about every page, generally either a screenshot of the software (Edublogs, PageFlakes, Google Reader, etc.) or something from stock photography. I have had no problems finding things for talking about podcasts (pictures of teens with iPods), digital photography, or sharing videos. Generic technology pictures are pretty easy to come by, but I’d like something more specific that is actually relevant and just decorative.

So how would you visualize the concepts of blogs and wikis? I’m not entirely opposed to creating something myself if someone has an idea, but I’m not a graphic designer so it needs to be reasonably simple.

Help! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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3 thoughts on “Visualize concepts of blogs and wikis?

  1. Hi Lauren,

    Well, I have finished this course and it’s currently being field tested. However, I will definitely keep this in mind during the revision process; I might be able to add this.


  2. i saw one effective visual way to portray the differences between a blog and a wiki

    blogs are user-centric, so there were three faces floating each with their own document right next to them.

    wikis are document-centric, so there were the same three faces with one document in the center of them (the faces formed a ring or triangle around the document). there may have been arrows between each face and the document to indicate interfacing.

    hope this helps. i know it’s a little late

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