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How do you increase learning impact through scenario-based learning? Opportunities for practice with feedback improve skill transfer.

How do you increase learning impact through scenario-based learning? While no solution is right for every training situation, we know that providing opportunities for practice with feedback is critical for developing skills. Scenario-based learning is one way to provide that practice with feedback to help learners improve their performance. In this interview with Amit Garg on the L&D Go Beyond Podcast, I discuss scenario-based learning and how that can increase skill transfer to real-world environments.

L&D Go Beyond Podcast
Season 2
Episode 6
Scenario-Based Learning for Learning Impact, with Christy Tucker

Key takeaways on scenarios and learning impact

From the official show notes:

  • The Power of Scenarios: Explore the diverse spectrum of scenario-based learning, uncovering their unique applications and potential impact on learner engagement. 
  • Motivation through Relevance: Explore how immediate applicability boosts learner motivation. 
  • Compelling Narratives: Delve into the significance of storytelling within scenarios, emphasizing the inclusion of characters, conflict, and consequences to evoke cognitive and emotional engagement. 
  • Essential Design Elements: Learn about the key components of effective scenario design, including audience analysis, alignment of learning objectives, and meticulous attention to detail. 
  • Realizing Learning Impact: Understand the pivotal role of practice coupled with feedback in scenario-based learning, facilitating seamless skill transfer to real-world environments. 
  • Navigating Pitfalls: Gain insights into common pitfalls to avoid in scenario-based learning design and strategies for mitigating these challenges. 
  • Addressing Misconceptions: Learn to tackle common misconceptions through realistic scenarios. 

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